James Wordsworth (Court 21 Student)

James Wordsworth (Court 21 Student)

I joined Court Theatre Training Company because the degree is mostly practical work, but the course has shown how important theory is to help develop a full understanding of the concepts and techniques introduced during classes.

Training in a working theatre has been great: when we get up and do things in class we’re often on a stage and it quickly becomes second nature.  And having the opportunity to see all the shows in the theatre for free is simply wonderful.

London is a fab area to be a student as it is the UK home of theatre: there is never a night when there isn’t a show on. On top of that there are so many free museums and events around the capital, be that music, dance, art, spoken word or acting, there’s always something to get involved with without breaking the bank balance!

Studying Shakespeare in textual studies has been my favourite module so far. We really have to dig deep into the language in this module, and in doing so it is extraordinary to see the depth, richness and meaning in Shakespeare’s writing. The more I have learnt, the more excited I have been about acting Shakespeare.

The course focuses on learning about ourselves in the first term and there have been some revelatory moments. I have learnt about my strengths and areas that need improvement, both in and out of the classroom.

The highlight of my time at Court Theatre Training Company has been getting to perform so early on in the course: we performed self devised shows for primary schools over Christmas. There was a great sense of satisfaction in creating and putting on a production and having a real audience.

I would recommend Court Theatre Training Company to a friend for it’s excellent teaching. It’s an intense course, packed with information, revelations, exercises and learning. If I were to summarise my experience here in three words it would be: ‘inspirational, challenging and fun!’

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