Georgia Hull (Court 21 Student)

Georgia Hull (Court 21 Student)

Training in a working theatre is great because I don’t have to work in school like environment and it’s nice sharing the building with just two other year groups. Any show we do is based in the heart of London, which is very important for inviting people, and I can see shows for free!

I love how practical the course is and that the written side is only 20% of my mark. I believe an acting course shouldn’t be based on coursework, so being able to focus on the bigger practical side has meant that I have been able to practice and experiment with things that we have learnt. How else are you meant to develop as an actor?

Hoxton is a good area to be a student, there are nice bars and restaurants around and it isn’t far from the West End or the shops! Hoxton Square is a great place to go when the weather is good and there is so much history in the area. Plus everyone knows how to get to Hoxton to see our shows!

The highlight of my time at Court Theatre Training Company has been working with people who want it as much as I do. I have felt valued for who I am as a professional, and have loved the opportunity to perform in shows. I have been taught not only how to act but how to survive the business!

I would recommend Court Theatre Training Company to a friend because it prepares you for what’s really out there. It is a variety of training and if you put the work in you will get a lot out of it! I would summarise my experience at Court Theatre Training Company in three words as: ‘I love it’!’

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