Return to Face-to-Face Teaching

Court Theatre Training Company is pleased to announce that it intends to resume face-to-face teaching in September for the beginning of the new academic year.

Plans have been drawn up to allow for a health and safety conscious and student wellbeing motivated experience for the new academic year. We will continue to develop our online resources and platforms to complement our traditional face-to-face teaching model. Some measures will be taken to allow this intention to proceed, including smaller groups sizes, adjustments to the campus building layout and operational changes including start times and other initiatives.

We are confident that we can deliver our plans and begin the new academic year with a fresh perspective, increased resources and with the student experience being delivered to the highest possible standard. At the moment government guidelines could change and this plan will be reviewed on an ongoing basis, but this is our intention and we remain committed to ensuring quality in our academic provision, support in our student wellbeing and mental health services and an unerring commitment to the academic succession and progression of students. Coupled with additional initiatives for employment opportunities for all our students and graduates we foresee a strong start for the academic year ahead.

Video Audition Submissions are Available

We also accept video audition submissions for 2021 where we offer you the opportunity to film your audition at home (e.g. on your phone) and send it in to us for consideration.

If you would like more details on this process please visit the Applications & Auditions page or email us at applications@courttheatre.org.uk.

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