Disability and Learning Difference

The Court Theatre Training Company is committed to promoting an environment of equality and diversity.

Experience tells us that many students within the cultural industries have a learning difference such as dyslexia or dysraxia and may require a reasonable adjustment to help them achieve the highest possible level achieveable within their learning.

We therefore encourage students to have a ongoing dialogue with us about the support that they require.

The disability service at Buckinghamshire New University is able to offer a wide range of reasonable adjustments for those with dyslexia, medical conditions, mental health difficulties and other disabilities. Our team also assists with applications for Disabled Students’ Allowances (DSAs) and can provide dyslexia screening.

Our team also provides reasonable adjustments for those with temporary disabilities including injuries like broken arms and legs which have an effect on your ability to study. 

Formal assessments for dyslexia may be possible through student support services at Buckingham New University.

If a student has a formal diagnosis of a disability or a learning difference, then they may be able to apply for Disabled Students Allowance.

If a student has a disability we strongly encourage them to register this with us, and Buckingham New University, do that they may get the reasonable adjustments to which they are entitled.

All students of The Court Theatre Training Company are expected to conduct themselves in a professional, courteous and inclusive manner.  Any behaviours that negatively impact upon the people that make up The Court Theatre Training Company community (and those who come into contact with it) or the physical environment of the campus will not be tolerated.

For further information you can download a copy of the Bucks New University's Reasonable Adjustments for Disable Students here.