Who we are

A small close-knit community ensures that effective academic and personal support is an integral part of the student learning experience

(Quality Assurance Agency for Higher Education, 2014).

Court Theatre Training Company (CTTC) is situated in hip and trendy Shoredicth within The Courtyard Theatre.  All of our training takes place in this professional fringe theatre environment in one of the most virbant and exciting locations in London.

The Courtyard Theatre is the first professional theatre in the UK with its own resident training company, an innovative and completely realistic approach to your training. 

CTTC is a practical 'hands on' training, an apprenticeship staffed by working professionals who provide you with the right skills for your chosen career.

CTTC provides students with a combition of modern and classical training, experience ,and skills that will enable them to not only earn a living in the creative industries, but more importantly, challenge them to contribute towards advancing the industry itself, and become leaders within the field of theatre, performance, art, and media.

CTTC has a strong emphasis on the entreprenurial skills required to be a moder practitioner.

80% of our graduates gain work within the first month of leaving, with many often being in employment prior to completing their studies.

In our recent (2016) showcase, over 60% of students have secured professional agents within six weeks after the event.

Productions range from the classics to new plays and includes devised work, theatre in education and physical theatre.  Each student will perform in one Showcase and three professional productions.

For more information, or to come and talk to us please contact info@courttheatre.org.uk