The underpinning philosophy of the company is that the best training for a life in the industry is to work in the industry.

The 2-year accelerated BA (Hons) degree in Acting aims to develop reflective professionals in the practices of theatre and performance, highly equipped as specialists in their discipline. It is an intensive programme of training with a comprehensive timetable that requires a mature approach. You progress through the course developing your skills, whilst taking a disciplined and creative part in the working life of the company. All members receive individual attention and as they gain experience, they are given increasing responsibilities. Ensemble playing is essential to the company.

You will quickly discover that the course provides a safe, and challenging environment, in which experimentation, innovation and creativity are highly valued as part of the learning process. This begins on day one. You are encouraged to take creative risks and draw on ideas of emotional impact rather than on skills only, to excite and stimulate an audience through their feelings as well as mind.

Guided and stretched by experienced professional practitioners, you are part of a small and dedicated company learning your craft by active involvement in every aspect of theatre. The close collaboration with the performance industry and The Courtyard theatre enables vocational skills to be put into practice within the professional environment. Each public production will give you professional experience to begin your career and eventually help you gain your first job. Upon completion of your training, you will have developed a working CV with professional dates.

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