Upon receiving your completed Court Theatre Training Company application form and UCAS application (if you are applying for the BA) you will receive an email inviting you to one of our audition days, to meet the team, current students, and to view our school.

This process is ongoing throughout the Academic Year and is the same for both the Undergraduate and Postgraduate Acting courses.

For the audition you are required to prepare TWO contrasting pieces of not more than two minutes in length and ONE short written piece.

1) A classical piece lasting no more than two minutes (i.e. a piece from pre-1900)

2) A contemporary piece, also lasting no more than two minutes (i.e from 2000 onwards)

3) A piece of writing describing a theatre event that you have seen recently (500 words maximum)

It is essential that you have a good working knowledge of both plays to be presented.

We will also expect to hear from you about why you have chosen to apply to The Court Theatre Training Company, what you believe you will gain from the training, and why studying with us may be a particular useful experience for you.

It is possible that we wont be able to let you know immediately if you application and audition have been successful, and it may be necessary to recall you or ask you to attend a ensemble workshops.

There is a non refundable Audition Fee of £35.  

Please be aware we require payment and your completed Court Theatre Training Company application form before the audition.

Auditions for 2018/19 September Start.

Thursday the 16th of August
Tuesday the 21st of August
Thursday the 23rd of August

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